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50 of these were released. 31.5" x 24"

Signed & numbered by Luke Chueh.

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About the Artist

Luke Chueh is a painter, illustrator, and designer who blends pop culture with Surrealist aesthetics in his art. His career began as an award-winning designer for Ernie Ball, and after his move to Los Angeles in 2003, he gradually transitioned into painting. His work often features cute anthropomorphic animal characters in unfortunate or dark situations, frequently showcasing his signature bear character.

With a distinct graphic style, muted backgrounds, and a restrained color palette, Chueh focuses on the misfortunes of his subjects. He uses his art to explore the darker aspects of life, drawing from his experiences, including his battle with addiction. Chueh's work also integrates references to popular icons from television, video games, and music. Additionally, his original characters have become the basis for a popular line of collectible vinyl figurines.

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